Friday, January 04, 2008

The Dog Walk Paintings

No matter the weather outside, Noel insists on going on a walk every morning. Noel is a three year old dog, part border collie part, great Pyrenees, weights about 75 pounds and is mostly white except for her face which has the typical border collie coloring.

On our walks, Noel goes about marking spots, checking out mailboxes and doing her business. I, on the other hand, take this time to communicate with God. It is my time to reflect on the blessings he has given me, to confess my shortcomings, and to ask for guidance for the day.

Sometimes during our walks God blesses me with a beautiful vision of his glory in the form of nature. During the spring, I am blessed with the sprouting of tulips and irises, in the summer roses and zinnias, in the fall the trees give magnificent leaves, and in the winter the architecture of the trees. I am often inspired to put these visions on canvas.

Special Delivery, A Gift for the Postman is one of these blessings. One day Noel and I traveled down a street which we don't usually take during our morning walks. There I saw a mailbox arrayed with a beautiful clematis vine in full bloom. One special bloom was bursting out of the mailbox reaching for the sky. We walked on this street each day for about two weeks, just to see the glorious site. And then it was gone, the flowers faded away, but I have it on canvas to remember those days.

"Special Delivery: A Gift for the Postman"
24 x 36 inches
acrylic on canvas


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