Friday, January 02, 2009

My Journey to Zambia-Getting Ready

While I plan to use my artistic talents in Zambia, I also want to use them to get me there. It just seems natural that I pay for my trip to Zambia through selling my paintings. I will be selling my paintings on ebay. The cost for me to go to Zambia will be between $3,500 and 4,000. This will include the cost of getting my passport, shots, airfare, hotel, etc.

Part of getting ready to go to Zambia has been obtaining a passport. Since I have never been out of the country, I will need to get a passport. In order to get a passport, I must have a certified birth certificate. So I ordered a certified birth certificate and received it today. Next I will have to get passport picture made.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

My Journey to Zambia-God touches my heart

The Zambia orphan mission work tugged at my heart from the first time I heard about it.

Then in 2008, the Smith Springs Church of Christ decided to make one of their mission goals to assist in the building of the house for infants. The goal was to raise $100,000 in funds for the building fund. Everybody at church has been involved. The teens raised money with a bake sale and car wash. The ladies sewing group raised money by making items for a craft sale. And the entire congregation had special offering days. The church has been able to raise over the $100,000 goal.

In September it was decided that a group of church members would visit the mission. I knew I wanted to go as soon as I heard that one of the objectives of the trip was to paint the rooms where the infants were staying bright colors and create murals on the walls.

I knew that God had sent me a special work that I was equipped to do.