Sunday, March 08, 2009

My Journey to Zambia--The doubts and God's Answer

Sometimes we have doubts about our goals. This week I began to question if going on this trip to Zambia was what God had in mind for me. Let just face it, the cost alone is overwhelming. Then there is getting the immunizations and the probability of getting sick while on the trip. I was having doubts, lots of doubts. None of my paintings were selling; I thought maybe this was just God’s way of letting me know that the trip wasn’t for me.

So I took my doubts to God in prayer. I usually have private time with God while I am walking the dog. While walking Noel, I had a conversation with God and told him about my concerns and my need for him to somehow let me know what his will for me was in this matter. I find it hard sometimes to know what God wants me to do with my life, so I just asked that if there was a way for him to let me know, I would be grateful.

After the walk I checked my email messages, to my delight I found that someone was interested in purchasing one of the paintings! It was listed in my eBay store. It was one of only two I had listed there. It would have taken someone a long time of searching through the huge amount of listings on eBay to find this painting. I am so overwhelmed and just a little bit frightened. God answered my prayer!

Now I know that with God’s help, I’m going to Zambia!!!

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Bronwyn, said...

Your "frightened" comment amused me. :-) I hope all goes well with your trip.